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  • The Feminist vs. The Equalist

    Feminist:"So.... I see you're an equalist."   Equalist:"Why yes, I am. How did you know?"   Feminist:"I read the 'hashtag' on your t-shirt."   Equalist:"Ah. And you must be a feminist."   Feminist:"What makes you think that?" &n...

    Tags: Feminism Identity MutualRespect Dialogue Humanity

  • Rantings

    How can you desire music from me that soothes your nerves?   You Have choked my voice. Taken my words.  I speak your language. The language that is gendered. I sing the pain of my heart Man. The music is dead. How can you desire logic from me that matches your reason?Yo...

    Tags: Feminism Poetry

  • Feminism: What It Is Not

    The gun law to America is what feminism is metamorphosing into for the entire globe: it’s becoming debatable. Initially both the concepts were brought into existence for giving the living the upper hand, but since then they have wavered and now spark around the dead. The gun ...

    Tags: Feminism Guns America USA

  • Why Feminism Fails

    When we look around, there are a number of incidents that will ensure that we stop for a moment and think about the different aspects that construct the idea of Feminism. What it stands for and why we need it - the contemporary relevance that the term dictates and why men and women all across the...

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    A few days back, I was waiting for my train at Howrah railway station when I overheard a conversation between a mother and her son, sitting beside me. She dragged her son’s attention towards a girl wearing a tight formal outfit, probably returning from her workplace. The guy’s mother ...

    Tags: Society Feminism Women-empowerment Sarcasm

  • 'Her Fault' As if!

    It’s always her fault- always, everywhere                 The recent remarks of Donald Trump blaming Hillary Clinton for her husband (former US President Bill Clinton) for his extramarital affairs have created contr...

    Tags: patriarchy feminism gender sexism trump