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  • Living in Death...

    He felt lighter....a lot lighter than he'd ever known. The little bricks of helpless, despair, anger, emptiness, slowly started to crumble of to dust.He looked around...he was far..far away from this world. Invisible, like he always wanted...He couldn't be heard, seen, touched. He didn't have to ...

    Tags: Death Family Memories Story

  • Ma

    The clock had barely struck 4 am and only an insignificant fraction of the sun had risen above the horizon when she snubbed the lit part of her cigar into the already  over-piling ashtray. Ma would be up any time soon and the over-piling   ashtray ought to be emptied and hidde...

    Tags: Story Calcutta Mother Family Roots

  • The last picture

    An old man is lying on his bed at home. A bunch of medicines and syrups are kept on a table next to it. He is suffering from a terminal disease…the cancer. His body is weak and fragile. He is alone at home, his son is in office at his newly appointed job and daughter has gone to her colleg...

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        "A domestic violence victim, Anita, age 19 years, found dead in her room, a suicide case it seemed to be"-  said a local news paper's main page, revealing about the 'dead kid' as much as their reporters could find about the case. Nothing so sympathetic, not so surprising in...

    Tags: domestic violence mom dad family fear suffocation death life house depression hatred good life

  • The Empire's Lie - A Short Story

    Parckow, Rostnov, New Russian Empire - July, 17, 2394   The primitive bullets whizzed past, centimetres from my head. But it didn't matter. It didn't even matter if one of the bullets hit me. I, Evolo de Hopkin, was fighting for the mighty Falkinian Empire, and that was a worthy cause. We ...

    Tags: empire lie futuristic war warfare battle short story fight fighting escape escaping future die death sad drama family love empires

  • Career: the effect’s okay, let the purpose be right.

      When it comes to deciding the type of career one wants to pursue in India, the influence of family which in-turn is influenced by society is beyond any explaining reasons to reason the decision of opting. Rather the society looks at mainstream jobs as safer ones, again here the mainst...

    Tags: career family society influence

  • Sacrifice!

    He was an alcoholic Bound in broken dreams, His family tried to help And kept drinks out of his reach. Everything went well Until that night When the peers arrived And persuaded to finish Everything for good Except it was not drinking But the family Who made the sacrifice!

    Tags: short_poem sacrifice alcohol night family