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  • Fireflies in the sky

    "So, where can I go to get a good view of the stars?" Siddharth asked Maria, the girl at the front desk of the hotel.   Maria thought for some time and added, "Why don't you take this tour? It is just 20,000."   "I will go to so many tours in the next few days; I don't care about go...

    Tags: Memories Escape Work Identity Story

  • Addiction

    I tried it for the first time today Felt exciting, felt exhilarating, Finally did something I'm not supposed to. It's not a big deal Everybody does it. I know I have a hard time letting go But I know, I can stop whenever I want.   I went out ...

    Tags: Poetry Escape Poem Thoughts Illness Drugs

  • Why so sad?

    Your world's falling apart, Nothing seems to last, With good comes bad, Why so sad?   You are losing hope, Life is a tight rope, With good comes bad, Why so sad?   Don't stop - smile or tear, Go on, I will hear, With good comes bad, Why so sad?   Let's bring out the ...

    Tags: Song Poetry Sadness Escape

  • Ealu

    Rescued, Thought I was rescued, From this universe of smoke, To an island of kalopsia; Where waters rose from earth, And the verdant grew down from heaven; Where everything spoke, Yet silence reigned; Where everyone dreamed, And made clouds out of it; L'appel Du Vide Let us jump i...

    Tags: Escape Lost Love Death

  • Ringmaster

    Do you really think you can survive this game? I'm the ringmaster and I'll erase your entire existence. Manipulation, eh? Well, guess what I can make you dance on my finger tips. Are you ready for this? You're shaking... Afraid baby? Don't be. I'm a mere projection of what you could be. I'm dirt,...

    Tags: manipulation escape

  • The Empire's Lie - A Short Story

    Parckow, Rostnov, New Russian Empire - July, 17, 2394   The primitive bullets whizzed past, centimetres from my head. But it didn't matter. It didn't even matter if one of the bullets hit me. I, Evolo de Hopkin, was fighting for the mighty Falkinian Empire, and that was a worthy cause. We ...

    Tags: empire lie futuristic war warfare battle short story fight fighting escape escaping future die death sad drama family love empires