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  • To be continued.

    #1 Tulchilo na phone ta shei raat e. Onek cheshta koreo bojhateo pareni je keno eto baar call kore jache. Shesh mesh call ta dhorte holo.Topic divert ta bhalo korte parto Neil. Whatsapp er "last seen" tai joto kaal koreche or jibone. Kotha bolchilo du-charte premikar sathe edik odik. Tina ke bolt...

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  • Feelings

    Dil ke dard ko chupana kitna mushkil hai Tut ke fir muskurana kitna mushkil hai, Kisi ke saath durr tak jao ... Fir laut kar akele aana kitna mushkil hai...!!

    Tags: Feelings Love Emotions

  • You can say sorry a millions time's, say sorry as much as you want...

    ...say whatever you want, whenever you want. But if you're not going to prove that the thing you say are true, then don't say anything at all. Because if you can't show it ,your words don't mean a thing. An important lesson that we must learn in life is not to say things that we don't mean. Don't...

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  • Of Emptiness and Silence

    Emptiness is not a feeling, but an emotion For forlorn you may be, it allows you to delve deep Into the deep, dark recesses of your mind Twisted, tantalized, or tormented All the same   A quality of pain So distinct and succinct You would dive deep into it Just to savour the succour...

    Tags: Silence Emotions Findingme

  • John - A Story Written For School

    This is my continuation of the beginning that my teacher gave me. The words in Italics were written by my teacher. The words that aren't in Italics were written by me.    John had the face of a wrinkled prune and his scowl made no secret of his contempt for the world. He walked down t...

    Tags: John school schoolwork puppy dog cute sad cliche prune wrinkled old man story emotions feelings