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  • How Manners Are Parked: Mocambo Table D'Hote

             Any manner has its cultural precepts inserted in a democratic province in pursuit of a bona - fide and rational socio-economic set-up. The plausibility to this effect shall remain adhered to its proposed intent and mostly strives to be tangible in its conveyanc...

    Tags: Society Manner Politics Thoughts Culture Colonial Hangover

  • Khabar, Khabar...Khanikta Khabar!!

    " O Ma! khete debe kokhon? ( Oh Mother, when will you give me food to eat?) " Ei toh Tubai, khete diechi! Boshe por! ( Here Tubai, your food is served. Take a seat)   Bengalis are very well-known foodies..   There are six different tastes to which the Bengali palate caters to :&nbs...

    Tags: Bengali Culture Food Tradition Style

  • The Nostalgia Of Rosogolla

    Once the sun rose on a distant horizon on a particular winter morning every year, I remember my grandmother and my mother getting up in a flurry and a hustle and bustle following thereafter...the morning prayers being said, followed by loud bang-bang of saucepans and pots kept loudly on the ceram...

    Tags: Food Nostalgia Culture

  • WatStory Interviews

    Conversations about the personal and professional journeys of women who are at the forefront of life endeavours across work, society, culture, arts et al. Get inspired by learning about the obstacles these achievers faced, their successes and learnings.

    Tags: Interview Women Social Culture Art Corporate

  • Guided Nights

    ‘We are guides, this is what we do’. Tei picked up his mug from the table. It was a dramatic take-off-the-glasses and talk moment. He took a small gulp, put the mug down, arranged his elbows on his kneecaps and waited for one of us to speak. Jay held the familiar smiling face. He kne...

    Tags: Guides travel friendship culture