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  • For The Love of Art

    An eclectic look at the creative endeavours of life

    Tags: Art Music Photography Films

  • In defence of Kinesia

    Kinesia, or Kinesiophilia is the love of motion. (which is not quite a legit condition, seeing as it is dumped unceremoniously alongside Hyperactivity disorder).  Now the obvious offshoot of this is the fact that kinesiacs can't sit still. We're always jumping about, tapping our feet, drumm...

    Tags: Skateboarding Art Motion Street Sport Skate Kinesiophilia

  • One Fine Winter Day

    I remember the day it happened. I remember the classroom where it happened.It was one of those days in winter that we, in this age of accelerated global warming, crave for. School had just begun, being the last term of eighth grade. While Yuletide and New Year's Day had gone by, the chill remaine...

    Tags: Discovery Moment Art Inspiration

  • Abstractions.

    "I have lists of single words or short sentences...all over my studio awaiting transformation into a physical entity "                                       - Graceann Warn    'Abstract Art...

    Tags: Abstract Art

  • WatStory Interviews

    Conversations about the personal and professional journeys of women who are at the forefront of life endeavours across work, society, culture, arts et al. Get inspired by learning about the obstacles these achievers faced, their successes and learnings.

    Tags: Interview Women Social Culture Art Corporate

  • Unfinished Rhymes

    You are an art and I'm just a mere being made of flesh and bones. I need you but we're toxic for each other. I wanted to be the one you needed, trust me I did. But I can't. I'm a self made destruction. I wanna be your savior but my own savior's gone. I dream of you every night. Just candy floss c...

    Tags: art dreams illusions

  • Literature - It's advancement.

    What do we understand by "Literature" ? Customarily and amongst the non-creatives, it is held to include everything that is printed in a book. A modicum of a logic is required to unsettle that definition; the most non-creative person is indubitably made aware, that in the idea of literature, one ...

    Tags: literature art nonfiction

  • The Art Of Slam Poetry

    On having burning questions about what poetry slam truly is, I have been researching and hanging out with my poet friends. I have been interviewing a few of my poeyey slam fanatics of friends. I always had a burning curiosity to leanr about the importance or relevance of poetry slam in this fast-...

    Tags: non-fiction slam-poetry art

  • The Triyambake

      "O Mother! Thee, who is present everywhere, Thee who is the embodiment of Power and Energy! I Bow to Thee! I Bow to Thee! I Bow to Thee!"   Durga Puja 2016 in Kolkata was a blast! For the first time ever, the CM had organized a show on our very own Red Road where Durga idols fro...

    Tags: Durga Goddess art