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  • How Puerto Rico became the ultimate adventure destination

    Most of us get excited  when we make plans to travel, but whenever we plan to go somewhere too far,  most of the time, our plans get frustrated by debts, responsibilities and routine. Every morning, I always thought if those beautiful places I was picturing in my mind where re...

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  • WatStory Traveller

    Real, fun, quirky travel stories

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  • Shaken Stirred

      Dealing with extreme cold, in the most primitive of conditions not even imaginable to us today the Neanderthal man, who existed in The Ice Age, would never have fathomed the comforts of the modern world. Existing in cold limestones caves, against our ultra fancy mansions, using bl...

    Tags: Uttarakhand Travel Adventure Reality Life

  • Junkie

    ‘Wait! The ice is cracking. Ok, Tread slowly! Keep your feet light, remember where we are, the knife edge!! Do you see that emptiness down below?  That is a 13000 ft. vertical drop, folks!! I suppose nobody wants to see, what’s down the throat of the valley? Eh? Now be still, s...

    Tags: Adventure dark travel mountaineering

  • Spirits of Edith - Chapter 1

    Across the longest ocean deep into an abandoned part of the sea, there lived a small island no one has ever heard of. Legends have been told about a dangerous, poisonous creature that lurks on the island. Villagers use to say the creature has cursed the island, allowing no living soul to ste...

    Tags: Adventure Magic Wizard Witch Manga Story

  • Spirits of Edith - Chapter 2

    Very early in the morning, trains zooming the tracks back and forth to their destinations.   "Wow, I cant believe i'm going to Daesuwon!" Jisoo said with joy.   Daesuwon is a popular city with all sorts of wizards, sorcerers, witches, and many other magical beings. It is also famous...

    Tags: Adventure Mythical Anime Manga Love

  • The Royal Mage

      The sound of pens scribbling on paper could be heard in the classroom as thirty students sat quietly working on the last test for their exams. A pale skinned woman with dark red hair that flowed down her back and bright hazel eyes that flicked around the class as she sat on her desk keepi...

    Tags: Fantasy Action Adventure Original Magic MaleLead Orphans School

  • The Royal Mage

    At dawn a few months later Rime found himself stepping out of a carriage, he had been travelling for the better part of a week in the stuffy carriage, packed in like sardines with strangers he had never met, so the ride was anything but comfortable. He gave the orange hew sky one glance before ...

    Tags: Fantasy Action Magic Adventure Original Orphans School

  • Sometimes, We Don't Get A Choice

        It started with a rumour. “Do you think it’s true? How could anyone do that? I once heard that she. . .”   It spread with an investigation. “When do you think they will find the proof? What do you think will happen to her? I hope she. . .” ...

    Tags: elves dwarves fae fantasy action adventure book1 chapterbook

  • The Last Queen

    Chapter 1: IN THE DARK CELL    Inside the dark prison of Torenshieka , lay a prisoner with her head of chestnut brown hair on the floor and her hands handcuffed to the bars of her prison.    Aria's tongue burned at the taste of the whatever liquid that looked like water tha...

    Tags: action adventure battle darkfantasy epicfantasy fantasy femaleprotagonist highfantasy king magic medieval mythology projectbadassgirl projectspreadyourwings projectundiscovered quests swordfighting war warriors youngadult