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Varun Chawla Aug 9, 20151 Response

At WatStory, we love fantasy novels, the satires, non-fiction works and the list goes on. In our experience, some of the best stories and ideas we have heard have been at the most unlikely places such as while taking a cab ride or waiting for a flight at the airport.


We believe great stories and ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. The length and the language of the story do not matter, what matters is that the story and ideas get shared.


WatStory was created with the goal of providing a comfortable space where writers feel encouraged to create and share their stories and ideas; and readers feel engaged and grow with those ideas.

For the experienced and new writers, WatStory provides an amazing content creation interface to write great stories and articles comfortably. WatStory offers a platform to test new stories, experiment with your creative process, engage with a highly encouraging group of readers, gauge audience interest in new ideas and amplify your audience for whenever you do decide to release your next great book. And as always you own all rights to your work and can share and publish it wherever you like. Your work, your copyright as it should be. 

For the readers, WatStory offers free reading access to an extensive collection of stories and ideas in multiple languages, there is always something for you to read. And in case you do not find what you are looking for we will love to see you write it.


So dig in, write the stories you want to write, read what you love and join the conversation.


Here is to the start of a fun journey creating your own myths in the languages you love.

  • Anand-Ck
    Anand Ck

    Great job guys. Was fun hanging out here. For sure, i will be back for more.