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WatStory Community Guidelines

Varun Chawla Aug 23, 2016

WatStory wants to create a community where writers feel encouraged to share their stories and readers get to enjoy diverse content and ideas. With this in mind, we are setting a few guidelines to make it a mutually enriching community while we all have great amount of fun creating our own myths.

  • Encourage the writers by liking the stories you enjoy and sharing the same with your friends
  • Provide constructive feedback to the writers through comments. If you do not like the story, please read something else. Please do not indulge in insulting or rude behaviour
  • Respect other people’s views and ideas even if different from yours. But, if you find content which is illegal, inflammatory or hurts people’s sentiments, do report the same
  • Write regularly so people reading your content remain engaged. Respond to their comments and thank them for their feedback. Tag content appropriately
  • Original content please. Do not post pirated or plagiarized content. Receive legal consent from copyright owner prior to posting any copyrighted material. Infringing content may be removed without warning
  • Don’t invade privacy. Do not post personal information such as contact details, pictures etc. about other people. This may lead to warning or account closure
  • No impersonation. Please do not register or use the community as someone else. Do not use images of other people or trademarked items
  • No spamming. Share your stories with the community, but make the messaging specific to people you are addressing. Do not promote your stories in comment section of other writer’s stories. Spam is never enjoyable
  • No E-Commerce links. Feel free to share links to your published work in your profile. But, please do not include links to e-commerce sites or other inapplicable products in your stories or profile


In case you need to report content or user activity which violates the community guidelines, please use the report button on the page or mail us report@watstory.com.


Send as your questions, if any, at info@watstory.com.


We are always eager to improve, please send us your suggestions at